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The web-site celebrates the kinship between women and horses. It is not discipline specific, or breed specific, nor is it exclusively English or Western. Rather it is aimed at women for whom the quality of their relationship with their horse is the most important dimension, and at those who are constantly seeking ways to improve that relationship. womentalkhorses aims to capture the poetry of what links women and horses - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

womentalkhorses takes a holistic approach to horse ownership and care. Our goal is to provide you, our visitors and users, with information and resources you can use to enhance your communication with your horses, whether that be through providing links to trainers, equipment manufacturers, breeders, therapies, or health and nutrition products, or simply to connect you with artists and writers whose work reflects the beauty of horses and our connection to them. And, we want to provide an opportunity for you to connect with each other. We also have a monthly newsletter where we share our views and experiences, and address issues of interest to horsewomen.

And, we have a "bulletin board" where readers can share thoughts, ask questions, get answers, and inspire others.

womentalkhorses originates in northern Idaho, an area blessed with seemingly endless riding trails, lush meadows, creeks and rivers, and challenging mountains. It is a region that is home to many horsewomen - some of international acclaim in various disciplines, and many others who simply enjoy spending time with their horses in this beautiful country.


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